THE­ODOROS consists of twelve compositions dedicated to the piano as a solo instrument or recorded in multiple layers, all performed by the composer herself. According to Hlavenková, the key inspiring factor here has been her fascination with the song form, its simpleness and purity.
The album received the prestigious “Anděl” Award (Czech Music Academy Award) in the Jazz&Blues category and Independent Music Award nomination in Concept Album category.




Reviews and interviews – Interview

Read the interview here By Sav D'Souza  - Jan 5, 2016 BEATA HLAVENKOVÁ (1978) a Czech pianist, composer, arranger and producer, is widely recognized as one of the most sought-after and genre free musicians.  Nominated for a  Czech “Grammy  Award” for her first...

Theodoros – 2 new videos

Two composition from awarded album Theodors inspired two artists to create new videos: Octovrios by Miroslav Fišmeister Noemvrios by Tereza Bulisová You can see this videoclips at officia Beata´s Youtube...

New video Aprilios

New video ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΣ from the album ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟΣ Aprilios from the Theodoros album - directed by Adam Koller. Here: Magazín No Music No...

Czech Radio Jazz – What has pianist Beata Hlavenková been working on…

autor:Jan Mazura 4.2.2015 read the article online Originální klavíristka a skladatelka Beata Hlavenková v těchto dnech rozhodně nezahálí. Soustředí se zejména na pokračování svého sólového projektu Theodoros, hraní s Baromantikou Lenky Dusilové a částečně i na učení...

Review – Theodoros – The Sound Projector (GB)

Championing the cause of every eye-glazing baby bore is the Czech pianist Beata Hlavenková, who eschews the new parent’s predilection for showering friends with hard drives of digital footage of (and Facebook invites from) their cabbage-like newborn, instead...

Review: DENSE.DE (English)

The pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková, one of the leading personalities of Czech jazz and alternative music scene, releases her new album Theodoros, consisting of twelve of her own piano compositions named after the months of the year: the author is also the only interpreter. The album is released more than four years after the release of Beata’s highly acclaimed debut album Joy For Joel on Animal Music.

Review: Citizen Jazz (French)

Read online na Citizen Jazz Longtemps membre du quintet du contrebassiste Jaromír Honzák, figure emblématique de la scène tchèque, Beata Hlavenková a également croisé la route d’Iva Bittová. Depuis près de dix ans, cette jeune pianiste anime, avec la chanteuse Lenka...

Theodoros? Strongly suggested listening! – Review – Chain D.L.K.

Chain D. L. K –

The first beautiful full-length album “Joy For Joel” was dedicated to her first born son Mathias Joel and featured many talented guests. this second album followed her second son Theodor Eli that she conceived with her beloved husband, the Czech guitarist, composer and producer Patrik Hlavenka (Patrick Karpentski), but this time gifted pianist and composer Beata Hlavenkova decided to play on her own and the final result is really amazing and meaningful. this welcomed new arrival inspired Beata to celebrate every single instant of life and I’m pretty sure tat she could have made a composition for every single second, but she limited to a track for each month of the year.

Review: Theodoros – The Cave

Beata Hlavenková o konceptu alba “Theodoros” říká: “Moje první album se jmenuje “Joy For Joel” a je pojmenováno podle mého prvního syna Mathiase Joela – úžasní hosté, velký zvuk a aranže, muzika ovlivněná moderním jazzem. Po narození druhého syna TheodoraEliho jsem v hlavě nosila nápad, že se mé druhé album bude nějakým způsobem vztahovat k němu.Řecké jméno Theodoros znamená “Boží dar”, stejně jako Mathias v hebrejštině. Když jsem začalaskládat, uvědomila jsem si, že Boží dar je pro mne život. Ten se skládá z let, z měsíců, z dnů. Bylo tedynaprosto přirozené, že skladby budou pojmenovány stejně jako kalendářní měsíce. Hudební okolnostivedoucí k tomuto albu však byly jiné. Vycházejí z fascinace písně a její jednoduchosti. Protipól kprvnímu hudebnímu světu. “Theodoros” čerpá z obou a vstřebává obě tyto cesty skrze mé hudebnívnímání.”

Review: TEXTURA.ORG (English)

Perhaps the album’s best example of her artistry is “Ioúnios,” a beautifully executed rumination that exudes wonder and hope. Listening to rhythm-driven pieces such as “Mártios” and especially “Aprílios,” one also isn’t surprised to discover that Hlavenková has performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, among other places. In keeping with the calendar months concept, she presents pieces whose moods reflect the changes in the year, with some melancholy (suggesting the lonely quiet of wintry days spent indoors) and others breezy (emblematic of the freedom associated with spring and summer). One’s impression of the recording is enhanced considerably by its presentation: issued by Minority Records on 180 gram vinyl (the album also is available on CD from Animal Music), the release includes a sixteen-page, calendar-styled photo booklet, each copy of which is signed by Hlavenková herself—a detail that makes this excellent release feel all the more special.

Interview: Complex blasts –

Read the interview here:
Tobias Fischer
On Theodoros, Beata Hlavenková is turning twelve months into twelve subjective stories.

Life as a professional musician can be hard these days. With children, meanwhile, it must seem to be almost impossible. For Czech one-woman-army Beata Hlavenková – she’s a pianist, highly respected improviser, renowned composer, producer and arranger all at once –  the birth of her first son turned out to be a godsend, however. Not only would it inspire her to record the first album under her own name, Joy For Joel, a collection of lush, sumptuous and epically laid-out compositions for a seven-headed jazz band. But it would also help her focus on what’s really important:

Magazín Uni – Interview: Beata and The Twelve months

Beata Hlavenková has right women´s intuition. You might expect she will continue on jazz journey, which was settled on her debut album Joy For Joel. Or cooperatin with a big ensemble she was thinking of recently. No way. Based on Christmas impulse she released intimate piano album – determined as a crossover among classical and pop. It is worthy when a woman listen to her own instict.

Review – Theodoros – Tý Magazine

Přesahy i posuny – to je přesně to, proč posloucháme interprety, které už z minula důvěrně známe. Moment překvapení je ale k nezaplacení i na debutech začátečníků. Samozřejmě existuje riziko, že může být ono překvapení i nepříjemné, ale opačná varianta to obvykle bohatě vyváží.

Review – iDnes: How does Beata Hlavenkova play to her son

Ondřej Bezr

Mateřství v Beatě Hlavenkové probouzí hudební nápady, které zúročuje na svých albech. Před čtyřmi lety věnovala album Joy for Joel svému prvorozenému synovi a právě vydanou novinku Theodoros zasvětila synovi druhému. – Interview: The record made a secret journey to Abbey Road

Pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková known as musician either with her own projects or cooperation with Lenka Dusilová released brilliant album Theodoros. Series of piano miniatures was inspired by cycle of the year. CD launch parties will be in February 1st and 2nd in Prague.

Beata Hlavenková’s second-born turns out well

Source: Česká televize By: Josef Rauvolf Beata Hlavenková's work defies classification. Every one of her projects is unique, and the same holds true for her new album Theodoros. The difference between this album and her debut recording Joy For Joel is that here... – Interview: The most important man during my studies in Ostrava was Edvard Schiffauer

Interview for (in Czech) read more here

Author: Milan Bátor

Beata Hlavenková je nepřehlédnutelnou osobností české hudby. Klavíristka, skladatelka a aranžérka vydala nedávno vynikající album Theodoros, které už deník představil v recenzi. S Beatou jsme si nyní povídali o hudbě a o novém cédéčku, které ji představuje v úplně jiné podobě. K poslechu a ke zpříjemnění čtení přinášíme i ukázku z nového alba.

Beata Hlavenková reveals time – review – Milan Bátor for

Her debut album Joy for Joel released 4 years ago was a big event in music world. This time pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková introduces herself in brand new sound. Album Theodoros consists of 12 instrumental piano compositions named after months in the year. Recorded on Steinway piano with sound master Radek Roubal at Janáček´s Conservartory in Ostrava.

Harmonie magazine – Interview: Art of composing a simple song

Interview (in Czech) for Harmonie magazine about the upcoming album Theodoros - read here Se skladatelkou a pianistkou Beatou Hlavenkovou jsme se sešli krátce před vydáním jejího sólového CD Théodóros. Nešlo však o jediný důvod rozhovoru. Nedávná spolupráce s Ivou...

Radio 1 – interview – about new CD Theodoros

BEATA HLAVENKOVÁ released a new solo CD „THEODOROS“ listen online (in Czech):   Klavíristka a skladatelka BEATA HLAVENKOVÁ, která je jednou z vůdčích osobností české jazzové a...

Beata Hlavenková has just released album “Theodoros”-

Pianist and composer BEATA HLAVENKOVÁ, one of the leading persons at Czech jazz and alternative music scene, has just released THEODOROS, her new album of outstanding qualities, made of her own twelve compositions, named after months in a year. The composer is here the only performer. The compositions use the piano as a solo instrument as well as in multiple layers. THEODOROS is made rather of intimate compositions, Beata Hlavenkova has been inspired by the form of a song and its simplicity. The album was recorded at Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, mixed at Sono Records by Milan Cimfe and mastered by Tony Cousins at London´s Metropolis Mastering. THEODOROS will also be released on vinyl by Minority Records during November 2013.


Animal Music/Minority Records, 2013

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